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General Inquiries

What is Visbody composition analysis?

Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) was used to measure body composition. The body is simply divided into conductive body fluids, muscle, and non-conductive adipose tissue (body fat). During the measurement, the electrode sends a very weak current through the body. If the fat content is high, the measured biological resistance is greater, and vice versa.

How does Visbody perform body scanning?

Visbody adopts Intel depth camera and Instantly Body Scan (IBS) technology, which can complete 3D scanning of the human body in 10 seconds and generate a high-precision 3D model. The entire process is 100% safe

How accurate is the body composition report?

Visbody has passed the professional medical grade certification of the US FDA, and the correlation coefficient of its test data with DXA reaches 95%.

What are the advantages of Visbody over other 3D scanners?

All 3D scanners require the tester to avoid wearing anything that could cause technological errors, but this is not always possible. In response, Visbody integrates BIA technology with 3D scanning to provide more accurate body composition data through non-invasive measurements, allowing customers to understand their physical condition with a more comprehensive result. Designed specifically for the fitness and medical fields, Visbody offers greater precision and more measurement indicators for more accurate data analysis and comprehensive body assessment. It is user-friendly, widely applicable, and cost-effective. Visbody seamlessly integrates with fitness and medical application software to provide personalized and comprehensive fitness and rehabilitation programs, giving users a better service experience.

How does Visbody compare to other BIA devices?

As a gym owner, purchasing the Visbody Body Composition Analyzer over other BIA technology devices can provide you with the following values:

(1) Improve customer satisfaction: Visbody device uses dual-frequency BIA technology to more accurately measure body composition and various data, helping customers better understand their physical condition and develop exercise plans and more effective nutrition programs, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

(2) Increase employee work efficiency: Visbody device can be wirelessly connected to mobile devices, making operation simple and convenient. Employees can perform body composition analyzes more quickly, improving work efficiency.

(3) Improve brand image: Visbody device is a new type of intelligent body composition analyzer with high precision and advanced technology. Purchasing and using the Visbody device can give your gym a technological feel and improve your brand image.

(4) Helps develop new business: In addition to providing body composition analysis, Visbody can also provide exercise and nutrition advice. You can integrate this information to provide customers with a more comprehensive health management plan and develop new business.

Overall, compared with other BIA technology devices, purchasing Visbody body composition analyzer can provide more accurate body composition analysis, improve customer satisfaction, increase work efficiency of employees, improve brand image, and help you develop new business.

What is the Visbody Posture Assessment?

With AI technology, Visbody retrieves the data of circumferences and bone points from the 3D avatar, to analyze them among these more than a million models so that the data successfully reaches millimeter precision.

How do I delete my scan data?

Data cannot be deleted at this time.

How to print the report?

You can directly use the USD plug to connect the printer designated by Visbody R to the device to be printed. Currently, Epson L1119 and HP1112 are available. Or log in to the dashboard on the computer connected to the printer to download the report and print it.

How to get the report?

All data is stored in the cloud, and you can view your report from the Visbody app or website. It helps you track changes in your body condition.

How is scanned data stored? Should I back up my data?

All data is stored in the cloud, and you do not need to backup it separately. If you require an electronic report, please ask the operator to send the report to your registered email address.

How can I compare my previous and current reports?

All data reported in Visbody will show the change value from last time. Additionally, “Body Composition History” can display the last 3 basic body composition trends.

In "Body Circumferences", you can intuitively see the comparison between the user's current measurement model and the previous model.

I am pregnant, is this scanner dangerous?

Don’t worry, it’s harmless for pregnant women. However, the unique body structure of pregnant women can lead to inaccurate body composition test results.

What is Visbody measuring range?

Weight Range: 22.05 lbs ~ 551.16 lbs

Age range: 10-70 years old

Height limit: 3ft 7in-6ft7in

Not applicable: anyone with metal medical devices such as pacemaker, steel nail and electronic components, and pregnant women

Why do I need a 3D scanner? How will this change my business? How will 3D scanning technology and 3D models of human bodies help my business?

(1) More accurate body data analysis: 3D scanning technology can accurately capture customers' body shape and posture, generating high-precision body models and 3D images. This data can provide more accurate analysis of body data, such as body shape, posture, muscle distribution, volume, area, etc., thereby providing more accurate fitness and rehabilitation plans for customers.

(2) More intuitive data display: 3D scanning technology can generate high-precision body models and 3D images, which can help customers understand their body condition more intuitively and better understand the meaning and purpose. role of various data. Additionally, you can present this data to customers through mobile apps or cloud platforms, helping customers better track changes in body data, thereby increasing customer trust and satisfaction.

(3) Improved customer experience: 3D scanning technology provides a new experience, allowing customers to be more involved and enjoy the measurement process. Customers can better understand their body condition and assess their health status by viewing and analyzing their 3D models. This can improve customer trust and satisfaction, promoting customer visitation and recommendation.

(4) Increased Competitiveness: When you have an advanced body measuring device and 3D scanning technology in the market, it will distinguish your fitness center from its competitors, thus providing a higher brand image. range and more modern. Fitness centers with these technologies generally attract more customers who are concerned about their health and body shape. These customers may be willing to pay higher prices for better services and experiences, making your business more competitive against the competition.

(5) New marketing opportunities: 3D scanning technology and 3D models of the human body can also bring innovative opportunities for your marketing and advertising. You can use these technologies to create eye-catching advertisements and promotional materials, thereby attracting more customers and increasing your brand awareness. By showcasing your 3D scanning technology and 3D human body models on social media platforms and other digital channels, you can gain visibility and market share. These technologies can make your brand more innovative and more attractive to young people and consumers of the digital age.

In summary, 3D scanning technology and 3D human body models can improve data accuracy, improve customer experience, increase business level, and market competitiveness, helping your business benefit from more business opportunities. development.

How long is Visbody’s warranty period?

Visbody offers a lifetime of free online service, and the device enjoys a one-year warranty period. After the warranty period, only the parts replacement cost will be charged, and no service fees will be charged.

In what area is the posture and body composition score normal, below how bad, above how perfect; Do we make a distinction? Can you try to give a reference standard?

The current score represents the following values ​​for the body condition:

>=90 excellent

>=80 good

>=70 general

<70 worst

The body composition score mainly refers to the relevant literature of 1.

The body assessment is based on the number of different body problems and the severity of the overall body score.

If I upgrade the Visbody system, will the previous data disappear?
NO! The upgrade will not affect the data. The data is stored in the cloud. You can read it anytime.
What are the dimensions of the Visbody S30?

Column: 1681mm (H) x 400mm (W) x 685.3mm (T)

Plate: 74 mm (H) x 600 mm (diameter)

Groundsheet: 1830mm (L) x 680mm (L)

56.5 kg

Screen size: 17.3 inches/40 x 25 cm

How to update Visbody?

We provide updates online; you just need to update according to the reminder that appears on the Visbody screen.

In what areas can body composition be used?
  • Industries and organizations:
    • Fitness
    • Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
    • Nutritionist and weight loss clinic
    • Sports organizations
    • Aesthetic beauty center
    • Spa
    • Well-being in business
    • Pharmacy


  • Health Conditions
    • Pediatrics
    • Obesity
    • Lymphedema
    • Diabetes
    • Frailty and aging
How to register a dashboard account?

After receiving the Visbody and unpacking, please send the following information to

1) Email.

2) Company name.

3) Contact Name

4) S/N. NO. (On the nameplate on the back of the Visbody)

We will help you create a dashboard account for you.

What should I do if I forget my dashboard password?

Log in to Visbody dashboard, click “Forgot Password”, you will receive a link to change password in your email address, enter the new password to set it up.

How to reset dashboard password?

Log in to the Visbody dashboard, click "Forgot Password", and you will receive a link to change your password in your email address. Enter the new password to configure it.

How should I correct the wrong email address or other incorrect information?

Once the email address is entered, it cannot be changed. So, make sure to check the entry and then click "submit."

How to place a purchase order?

If you are interested in purchasing a Visbody device, please click contact us on the website or email us directly at We will respond as soon as possible.

If my clients have breast implants, will this affect the scan results?

The implants will be judged as body fat, which will affect the result.

Will wearing loose clothing affect test results?

Wearing loose clothing will affect the effect of 3D imaging, but the body composition is still accurate. We recommend wearing tight-fitting clothing during measurement to ensure the accuracy of the measurement data.

After sales service?
You can submit support tickets on the contact us page or email directly to

Frequently Asked Questions

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