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Brand new model

Visbody M30

Greater, more specialized expertise and new look

visbody canada

Unique 360°

Real 3D Body Avatar

Efficiently capture body data and generate real 3D human models with details. Objectively portray a real body data, enable visual health management.

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new at visbody canada

Visbody M30 

3D Mirror Body Scanner

The brand-new model based on original research and development of high-precision 3D/4D instant human body scanning technology.

  • Unique 360° - Real 3D Body Avatar
  • 9 Intelligent 3D posture assessments
  • 13 Automated measurement of body circumferences
  • Before & After Avatars
  • Powerful Reports and Analytics
visbody canada

3D Reading of thirteen body shapes and posture analysis

Using a depth-sensing camera with self-developed algorithms for fast 13 body circumference measurements.

Why be satisfied with inefficiency and inaccuracy manual measurements.


  • Avatar, before and after
  • Compare your last 8 results
  • In function it is a spectacular interactive tool. In standby mode it becomes an elegant mirror


M30 parameters device

M30 Product Parameters
Product Model
Power Supply
Equipment dimensions
Mirror: 1860mm(H)x550mm(W)x340mm (T)
Turntable: 92mm (H) x 450mm diamètre
Floor Mat: 1630mm (H) x 600mm (W)
Equipment Net Weight
Mirror: 47kg (103lb)
Turntable: 7.5kg (16lb)
Maximum Turntable weight test
180kg (396Lb)
M30 - Photo - Spec Tech

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*applicable 3% credit card fee*

The fastest, most accurate and most elegant scanner in its class!