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visbody canada

Visbody S30

Hybrid Technology – 3D Body Scan and BIA. Visbody S30 - the high-end 3D body scanner designed for sports centers (gyms), Pilates studios, physical rehabilitation centers, and more.

visbody canada

Hybrid Technology - 3D Body Scan and BIA 

The world's first body scanner with IBS and BIA technologies capturing over 50 types of data in over 6 different categories.

visbody canada

Get instant, accurate 3D body scans

Generate 3D models with millimeter precision in just 32 seconds using the Visbody-S30, with 18 body circumference and posture parameters for easy-to-understand results. 

  • 100% Real Body Avatar
  • 15 Body composition analyzes
  • 9 Precise posture analyzes
  • 4 Assessments of shoulder function
  • Handles for quick and accurate analysis.
visbody canada

Three (3) types of report

3 Forms of physical examination reports, independent scoring of body composition and body posture.

  • Easy to interpret interface
  • Body composition
  • Posture analysis
  • Ending analysis and shoulder mobility


Visbody S30 device parameters

Visbody parameters S30


Product Color White and Black
Floor Space
  • 685.3 x 400mm (central column)
  • 1830 x 680mm (with floor mat)   
Power Supply 120v

Height Range

200cm (6,5ft)


3D Depth Vision Sensor

Weight Range

250kg (551 lbs)

Turntable Weight Range

180kg (396 lbs)

Equipment Net weight

  • Central column: 45.5kg (100 lbs)
  • Turntable: 10kg (22 lbs)               

payment methods


*3% credit card fee applicable*

Visbody S30, the first hybrid scanner